The 6 Most Romantic Words a Man Can Say to a Woman


Regardless of the occasion, there are certain words that are guaranteed to melt a woman’s heart. Need proof? Just watch the annual Valentine’s Day episode of The Bachelorette. (You know, when the most popular guy selects the last woman standing.)

Your relationship is a beautiful thing, especially when you’re in love. But what if you’re already married? Or getting into a relationship? Maybe you’ve already found someone you love, and you just want to make sure that person knows it. That’s where the right words come in.

What are the most romantic words a man can say to a woman? What makes these words so special, so different from any others? What are the six most romantic words you can say to a woman?

I’ve been a marital and family therapist for almost 40 years, and I’m constantly amazed at how little we understand about what turns women on. It took me a long time to believe two comments my wife made about what turned her on at separate times:

  • Carlin tells me, “When you wash the dishes, I really get turned on.” I’ll confess that her comment motivated me to wash more dishes, but I never believed her.
  • On another occasion, she informed me, “When you go to the doctor, I really get turned on.” I, like most others, dislike going to the doctor, but I do want to remain healthy and avoid little issues from becoming major ones. So I go, but I’m not sure it has anything to do with our sexual lives.

However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how smart my wife is. The gift, like most things in life, is frequently found in the little, everyday occurrences of our lives. In my essay, “The One Thing That Can Either Make or Break a Relationship,” I discovered that how we react to the hundreds of vocal and nonverbal demands for emotional connection determines whether our relationship thrives or withers on the vine.

I learned that dishwashing is about a lot more than just dishwashing. It communicates to my wife that I value her desire for a clean kitchen every day. It shows her that I’m aware that leaning over the sink to wash her dishes may irritate her back, and that my remembering to do the dishes every day is a sign of concern and respect for her comfort and happiness.

Is it sexy to go to the doctor? Take a look at it this way. A sick spouse is one of the most “unsexy” creatures on the world. When I’m ill, I’m generally irritated with myself for being sick, embarrassed that I’m not the “big, strong, guy” I want to be. I’m also very indifferent about being looked after. Carlin’s care and support are something I desire and need. But I’m also scared of coming off as needy. My conflicting emotions make me a pain to be around, much alone romantically connect with.

And that’s just for little things like when I’m sick with the flu. I’ve had to cope with increasingly severe illnesses as I’ve grown older, such as depression and weight gain, increased diabetes risk, and sexual dysfunction. I now realize that going to the doctor and taking care of my health is a gift not just to myself but also to Carlin. It also contributes to the health and vitality of our connection.

The 6 Words Every Guy Should Always Tell Their Partner, According to the Media


The big three: “I love you,” we’ve all heard.

And then there’s the big three: “I’m sorry.”

It’s been said that you can never say them enough. Let me try how gently I can phrase this. “Bullsh*t.” Or, alternatively, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong with WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

First, most women have heard these words so many times that they have lost their meaning. Second, most of us use them to appease our partners rather than because they are genuine. Finally, they are words, not deeds. Rather of talking about it, my wife would rather that I show my love for her or express my regret when I make a mistake.

These Are the 6 Words That Will Rock a Woman’s World


“Don’t be concerned, Honey; I’ve got this.” These six words convey a very different message. They add, “We’re facing some serious difficulties in our life, but not only will we overcome them together, but you can rely on me to look after the important things.”

I’ll give you an example from recently. After twenty-four years of living in the hills outside of Willits, Carlin and I decided it was time to sell our home. It was a complex transaction with a lot of moving pieces, and any one of them might have sunk the deal.

We worked effectively as a team, but the transaction fell through just as she was about to go on a scheduled vacation to visit our son and his family in the Czech Republic.

She was hesitant to go since there were still a lot of tasks to do, some of which she knew would be significant difficulties for me. “Don’t worry, honey,” I assured her, “I’ve got this.” “I’m not sure how all of these problems are going to be addressed while you’re away,” I said, “but you can rely on me to sort things out.” She put her faith in me, and I delivered.

“To understand what characteristics women desire in guys, you have to understand what benefits women want from males,” Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller write in their new book, Mate: Become the Man Women Want. They conclude that “women evolved to desire successful men” based on the most recent evolutionary psychology studies.

Instead of attempting to assure women that we love them and that we’re sorry when we make a mistake, it would be better for us all if we raised our level of competence and listened to what women truly desired.

When I truly listened to Carlin, I realized that performing the daily chores around the home that she valued, not just the ones that I enjoyed, and taking care of my health were the true turn-ons for our relationship.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. What is the most beneficial thing a guy can do and say to let you know he is there for you if you are a woman?


What are the skills you show as a guy that enable a woman to know that you are willing and capable of providing her with what she needs in life as well as in bed?

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Here are the 6 most romantic words a man can say to a woman, they might just surprise you:. Read more about what are the three words a man will say to a woman he truly loves and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three most important words a man can say to a woman?

I love you.

What are the most romantic words?

The most romantic words are I love you.

What is the most beautiful thing you can say to a woman?

I love you.