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Testosterone is the “male” hormone. Men produce testosterone, but women do not. Although testosterone is naturally produced by both men and women, its presence in the female body is rare and negligible. So it can be said that the presence of testosterone in men is a “male” thing. However, the presence of testosterone in women is not a “male” thing – it is a “female” thing.

Male anger, testosterone, and depression are major concerns. This is a subject that has been discussed on MenAlive for a number of years, but has not been fully explored.

The following issues are caused by chronic and extreme anger:

  • Increases a man’s risk of hypertension and heart disease.
  • Relationships are strained, and women retreat.
  • Is linked to depression in men.
  • Distinguishes between males, women, and children.
  • Is related to both high and low testosterone levels.
  • Is playing out on a national and worldwide basis, raising the danger of conflict and war.

In the news, we hear a lot about testosterone, as shown by the following headlines:


Where men grow up has a big impact on their testosterone levels.

One in every four men over the age of 30 has low testosterone levels.

Why should all men be worried about testosterone deficiency?

Here are some interesting facts regarding testosterone and how it affects men’s rage.

  • Testosterone is an androgen, a male sex hormone, although it is also necessary for females.
  • Androgens (such as those used by sportsmen) may cause fury (‘roid rage).
  • The majority of men’s rage issues are caused by low testosterone levels.
  • Low testosterone is linked to a lack of libido, erection loss, irritability, wrath, tiredness, and exhaustion.
  • Low testosterone may lead to depression.
  • When we are sad, our testosterone levels may also drop.

I authored two best-selling books on the interactions between rage, low testosterone, and depression. In my book The Irritable Male Syndrome, I go through the four main symptoms, which include:

  • Hypersensitivity (guys respond quickly, whereas women feel as if they’re treading on eggshells).
  • apprehension (men are often worried about everything and women often try and fix him).
  • Men often have short fuses and fume or erupt as a result of their frustration. Fear and withdrawal are common among women).
  • Angry (can be explosive or controlled, but it is always destructive)

In Mr. Mean: Saving Your Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome, I address the following concerns raised by both women and men:

  • How can a guy go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde in an instant?
  • Irritable male syndrome is caused by a variety of factors.
  • What should I do if he tells me, “I still love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore?”
  • How can I assist him if he refuses to speak?
  • What does a woman do that makes a man angry?
  • How can I get him to realize that he has a problem when he refuses to acknowledge it?
  • Why are so many furious guys depressed?
  • Is it possible to salvage the relationship by taming the male rage dragon?

These are personal problems for me. My irritation and fury led to the breakup of my first marriage and my subsequent marriage to an angry and violent lady. Anger has caused me a great deal of suffering in my life. My life changed when I finally realized the link between rage, sadness, and low testosterone. Carlin and I have been together for almost four decades.

I’m eager to teach others what we’ve discovered. For more than 40 years, I’ve dedicated my life to assisting men and the women who love them. The Irritable Male Syndrome, Male vs. Female Depression, and Surviving Male Menopause are among the 15 books I’ve authored. I’m teaching a lesson that will teach you how to prevent a man’s health and love life from being jeopardized by rage. If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email with the subject line “anger class.” I eagerly await your response.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can high testosterone cause anger?

Yes, high testosterone levels can cause anger.

Can low testosterone cause anger and depression?

Yes, low testosterone can cause both anger and depression. It can also cause ED (erectile dysfunction) which is superbly unpleasant for any man.

Fortunately, there are special medications to combat that. One of those is Bluechew.
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Does testosterone therapy make you angry?

Testosterone therapy can make you feel angry, but it is not likely to cause anger in most people.