12 Surprising Facts – Understand Why Men Are the Way They Are

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For millions of men around the world, prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death. A deadly disease that primarily affects men over 40, and which is often dismissed as something that only affects older men. Not everyone thinks this though. In an attempt to dispel the myths about prostate cancer, we have identified the 12 most surprising facts you need to know about this disease.

This is the largest organ in your body but many men have no idea how it works, how they can prevent it from cancer and how it can affect their lives.

I want to teach men and help women better understand what makes men great in my forthcoming book, 12 Rules for Men: How to Live Fully, Love Deeply, and Make a Difference in the World. In my essay “The Single Most Important Fact About Men,” I discussed some of these crucial facts. Here are 12 more men’s statistics to assist you better your life and relationships.

Fact 1: Males and females are distinct, and the differences aren’t what you would expect.

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Whether we are fish, ferns, or humans, biologists have a very basic and helpful description of what is male and what is female. An person may produce a high number of tiny gametes (sex cells) or a smaller number of bigger gametes. Individuals who generate smaller gametes are referred to as “males,” whereas those who produce bigger gametes are referred to as “females.”

Fact 2: “Your body has ten trillion cells, each of which is sex-specific.”

Professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, David C. Page, M.D., uncovered this fact (MIT). “On a molecular level, all your cells know whether they are XX or XY,” explains Dr. Page. “In our DNA, men and women are not equal, and in the face of illness, men and women are not equal.”

Fact 3: Sperm are insignificant and disposable. Large and valuable eggs.

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Large gametes with a high rate of survival and fertilization are produced by the female strategy. To improve the odds of obtaining a big one, the male approach is to create as many as possible. In a woman’s lifetime, she will ovulate around 400 eggs. Every day, a healthy man generates 500 million sperm, yet only one is required.

Fact 4: Men fight with other males for the attention of beautiful females, just as sperm do.

As a consequence, males have continuous insecurities, which are typically concealed.

Eugene Monick, a Jungian therapist, believes that the scientific facts of sperm rivalry may reveal a great deal about male insecurity and fear of failure. “Natural wisdom informs a man that a catastrophic consequence, such as the destiny of his sperm, is always present, either really or possibly…

The foundation or archetypal pattern for a man’s everyday fight for virility is what the sperm goes through in its life journey toward the ovum.” Only one sperm will survive, while the majority will perish. Monick adds, “This is the raw stuff of the masculine mind, the fuel for a male’s fear.”

Fact 5: Only a few men succeed in finding a partner, but the majority of men fail.

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Some guys (think alpha males like Genghis Kahn, Wilt Chamberlain, and Warren Beatty) had a lot of sex with a lot of women throughout human history. The majority of guys were not selected. “We may conclude that most of the guys were failures if we go back over the whole history of the human race and use nature’s criteria of success as passing on your life to others,” says Dr. Roy Baumeister. Being a man is linked to biological failure in a way that being a woman is not.”

Fact 6: Males take more chances in life in order to achieve.

Even alpha men are concerned about being supplanted by a more successful guy. Most men will find a partner to have sex with in contemporary times, but we never get over our dread of being left out of the evolutionary lottery. As a consequence, men are risk takers and gamblers. A few succeed, while the majority fail miserably.

 Fact 7: Men die younger and live longer than women.

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I’ve dedicated my life to assisting guys in living long and healthy lives. It’s something I’d want for myself, my sons, grandchildren, and all men. However, we must overcome our biological and evolutionary past. Males have always been disposable, just like sperm. With the exception of Alzheimer’s disease, males suffer and die at greater rates than women from nine of the ten most prevalent diseases. We must take our health seriously.

Fact 8: Men are more violent than women, yet the majority of male victims are other guys.

Women have a legitimate fear of aggressive males. However, the majority of victims of male violence are other males. Males die in battles to show their manliness. However, many more males commit themselves because they feel insufficient and incapable of fulfilling the expectations of the masculine role.

Fact 9: Millions of boys and men grow up without a father, either physically or emotionally.

“Kids have a hole in their spirit in the form of their father,” Roland Warren explains. And if a father refuses or is unable to fulfill that role, it may leave a deep scar that is difficult to heal.”

According to psychologist James Hollis, a parent may be physically present yet spiritually absent. “His absence may be physical, as in death, divorce, or dysfunction, but it is more frequently symbolic, as in silence and the incapacity to impart what he may not have acquired.”

My Distant Dad: Recovery the Family Father Wound is a book in which I describe my personal healing journey. Here is a link to a free chapter.

Fact 10: Wounded men inflict harm on others and are often irritated and enraged.

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I was often nervous, irritated, and furious until I dealt with my own wounded and difficult upbringing. Mr. Mean: Saving Your Relationship from The Irritable Male Syndrome and The Irritable Male Syndrome: Understanding and Managing the 4 Key Causes of Depression and Aggression are two books I authored. (If you sign up here, I’ll give you a free copy of the ebook.)

Fact 11: Joining a men’s club may help men heal the father wound.

No matter how successful we are in business, how much money we earn, how large a vehicle we drive, or even if we become President of the United States, as long as we have a father wound, we will feel inadequate as men. I’ve been a member of a men’s group for the last 40 years. Evryman is one of the organizations that supports men’s groups. Here’s where you can find them.

Fact 12: Men are canaries in the coal mine of an unbalanced world.

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It’s a perplexing moment to be a guy. Today’s manhood is demonized and misunderstood. Some people think that maleness is intrinsically harmful and that it should be eradicated. I don’t agree. The issue, in my opinion, is not with men, but with a societal system that isolates us from the environment, one other, and, most importantly, ourselves.

It’s not because guys are terrible that so many of them are furious and destructive. We are the canaries in the coal mine, warning everyone that we live in an unbalanced world, and it is up to us to change.

We can utilize these truths to alter the world for the better if we work together. Natural allies are males and women. These facts should not be used to divide us, but rather to help us realize the amazing beings we are all. I eagerly await your response. Make sure you click the logo in the top right corner of this page to get your free e-book and sign up for our free weekly email.

There are many things we know about men that we think we know about women. For example, one of the most widely accepted myths about men is that they always want to have sex, and one of the most widely accepted myths about women is that they always want to have sex.

We also know that men are generally more aggressive than women—likelier to try new things and take risks, and more likely to be sexually promiscuous. We know that men are more likely to die younger than women, and that they are more likely to commit suicide. We know that men are more likely to walk into traffic.. Read more about psychological facts about men and let us know what you think.