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Our culture has a long-held fascination with the idea of what it means to be a “good man”. From the somewhat vague and arbitrary standards of “good guy”, to the overly specific “rules” of what it means to be a “good man”, we spend a lot of time and energy defining what it means to be a man.

Men are often stereotyped by society as being all about themselves. But what about the male species? You might be surprised to learn that there are more than a dozen basic rules that all men should follow, and we’re here to help you keep them.

It’s been said that the man who’s not concerned with being a good man is a bad man. That’s why we have to make sure every man knows what’s good about him and how to behave. This article will help you become a better man.

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On November 21, 2019, I welcomed my son, Jemal, into the world. He celebrated his 50th birthday. When he was born and I first held him, I made a vow to myself that I would be a better parent than my father had been for me. I have pledged to do all in my power to see that men are completely involved with their families throughout their lives. That was also the start of MenAlive and my career as a writer. The official release date of my book, 12 Rules for Good Men, is November 21st.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to support myself by doing what I like. My 16th book, 12 Rules for Good Men, continues groundbreaking research on sex, love, and intimacy that resulted in worldwide best-sellers. The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationships and Why the Best is Still to Come, Surviving Male Menopause, The Irritable Male Syndrome: Understanding and Managing the 4 Key Causes of Depression and Aggression, and Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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12 Guidelines for Success All of these problems, as well as many others, are addressed in Men. It honors the gift of manhood by outlining twelve steps men may do to better their lives:

  • The first rule is to join a Men’s Group.
  • Breaking Free from the Man Box is Rule #2.
  • Rule #3: Accept Maleness as a Gift.
  • Rule #4: Accept Your Billion-Year-Old Male Past.
  • Rule #5: Recognize Your Female Anger and Fear.
  • Rule #6: Discover the Secrets of Long-Lasting Love.
  • #7: Participate in Meaningful Rites of Passage.
  • Rule #8: Learn Why Males Duel and Females Duet and Celebrate Your True Warrior Spirit.
  • Rule #9: Recognize and Heal Negative Childhood Experiences.
  • Rule #10: Heal Your Father’s Wounds and Become the Father You Were Supposed to Be.
  • Irritable Male Syndrome and Male-Type Depression should be treated, according to Rule #11.
  • Rule #12: Discover your life’s purpose and contribute to humanity’s salvation.

Colleagues who have read the book have expressed a wide range of feelings:

“Jed’s career of leadership in men’s work has resulted in 12 Rules for Good Men, which reflects the strength and wisdom of a men’s movement elder. Diamond offers a path for healing and connection in a world of rapid change, where men are seeking more sensitive meaning and purpose in our lives. 12 Rules for Good Men is a stirring call for men to come out of their shells and heal their profound wounds, in turn helping to heal the world’s wounds.” — Mark Greene, the Good Men Project’s executive editor and author of The Little #MeToo Book for Men.

“For more than 40 years, I’ve known and admired Jed’s work. The book 12 Rules for Good Men is a fantastic resource for both men and women.” Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, by John Gray, is a best-selling novel.

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“This is a must-have handbook for men and women alike. It provides genuine assistance for guys and assists women in understanding what decent men really require.” Iyanla Vanzant is the host of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Iyanla Fix My Life.

I created 12 Rules for Good Men to assist men deal with some of the most pressing problems they face today, such as:

  • Why loneliness is the leading cause of death among men, and why every man should join a men’s group.
  • How the Man Box limits our potential and prevents us from breaking free.
  • Why men are excellent and may become great, according to the hidden history of maleness.
  • Why do men scare women? How do women humiliate men? And what can both of them do to heal?
  • How the five phases of love may help you navigate and improve your relationships.
  • What causes male rage and how to deal with the Irritable Male Syndrome.

The book 12 Rules for Good Men is now available. You may purchase the book straight from me by clicking here. I’m also giving out my new program “Everything You Wanted to Know About Men: The Good Men Revolution” to anyone who place an immediate purchase with me. It contains 21 facts that will help you understand why men are the way they are, why they feel the way they do, and why they act the way they do.

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The first 200 individuals who purchase will get a personally signed and numbered copy of the book as a thank you. Because I have 15,000 individuals on my email list, I anticipate these limited-edition books to sell out quickly.

Please read 12 Rules for Good Men if you’re a guy or care about men. Please visit my blog if you have any queries or comments.

In the recent book, What’s Good About Men, a man learns the twelve rules for being a good man, not just in the office, but in his personal life. The rules are designed to help men become better husbands, fathers, and fathers-in-law. Each chapter is devoted to a different rule and includes dozens of stories and advice. Here’s a brief description of each:. Read more about what is a good man and let us know what you think.