Male Stress Relief and How Sex can be the Key


Our day-to-day stresses may have changed over thousands of years. We’ve gone from dealing with the threat of wild animals eating our families, to being stressed over a delayed train which will make us 5 minutes late for work. Even though our modern daily stresses seem minuscule when compared, they can still have a negative effect on the body. Society may have used the same narrative for years that men just deal with their emotions and move on, but this can lead to unhealthy practices and cause long-term issues with their wellbeing. Let’s dive into the world of male stress relief and how sex can be a potential remedy.

Stagnant Sex Life


Sex itself can be a cause of stress, but that’s easy to change. If you find that your sex life with your partner has dwindled, it could be because of stress levels, rather than a less favourable reason. If you’re stressed, you’re less likely to engage in sex. And the less you have sex, the more stressed you can become. It’s a vicious cycle, but it can be broken.

So why not discuss the option of using toys in the bedroom? You could both check out a sex store and see if anything there intrigues you. By making sex exciting again, you’ll be able to feel the benefits it can provide as a stress reliever. You’ll also find that the less stressed you become, the more you’ll want to have sex, which breaks the negative cycle and turns it into a positive one.

Don’t Go It Alone All The Time


Masturbation is completely healthy and a good way to get in touch with your body. But if you’re stressed you might not want to resort to it as a method of relief. The chemicals released through sex and masturbation are different. So, when you have sex with your partner, your body is flooded with oxytocin which relaxes the body and creates intimacy with them. Masturbation doesn’t provide your body with this chemical, so while you may have a momentary release, your stress could soon return.

Cope Better In The Future

Having regular sex has been shown to help you deal with stress in the future too. It’s been suggested that having a fulfilling sex life can reduce the amount of the stress chemical released into your body, so when you do encounter future problems, you’re able to process them better.

Get More Sleep


When you have sex, the hormone oxytocin also helps you to sleep, which is why so many people (not just men) fall asleep afterward. Having a more relaxed sleep will improve your stress levels and allow you to wake up refreshed, rather than opening your eyes and instantly worrying about the day ahead.

Not only will the stimulation relax your body afterward, during the act itself you might find it easier to forget about your worries for the day. But there isn’t one easy solution to stress and there are other factors that can impact your sex life too. But it’s important to know that the two are connected and can play a vital role in reducing your stress.