5 Things You Can do to Awaken Your Genius

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We’ve all heard the term “genius” thrown around, but what kind of genius are we really talking about? The kind of genius that can make amazing inventions like the iPhone, or write scholarly works like the Da Vinci Code? The kind of genius that creates entirely new categories of ideas, like the Beatles? The kind of genius that can move mountains, like Mother Theresa? The kind of genius that can change the world, like Nelson Mandela?

The world needs more smart people. And I’m not talking about people who have a high IQ. I’m talking about people who are simply capable, talented, and good at what they do. You know, like Steve Jobs.

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A lot of men spend their entire lives struggling to feel confident and in control of their lives. Many are told to act a certain way, live a certain way, and spend a certain way. Many men spend their lives chasing “success” in the form of material wealth, things, and power. Some men unconsciously believe that the path to success is to become something they’re not, so they hide who they really are.

I’ve spent the past 40 years assisting men and the people who love them in living happy lives. I’ve discovered that we never recover on our own. Along the journey, there are always helpers and guides who provide us with the love, support, and knowledge we need to discover our real selves and actualize our goals.

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My kid, Jemal, has been one of my greatest teachers. He is a wonderfully talented artist who was born 44 years ago. He was born in the delivery room on a gloomy November morning, and I promised him that I would be a different sort of father to him than my father had been, and that I would do all in my power to achieve my goals and make a good impact in the world. He continues to motivate me to be my best.

It is obvious to me that if we do not discover and live our aspirations, we will become ill in mind, body, and soul. From rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimer’s disease, depression to chronic pain, we see it all. Our present medical system concentrates on treating symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of illness. People are becoming more sick and weary of being ill and exhausted. Carolyn Elliott is one of the individuals in this category.

She recounts her path and provides the wisdom of her experience to all those who are ready to become the person they were always intended to be in her excellent book, Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams. “I used to use drugs when I was a young dreamer,” Elliott admits. Quite a bit. Not just the nice ones, either. I also performed the nastier ones. I’m on the verge of murdering myself.”

She continues to speak the truth from the depths of her heart. Many of us have faced similar challenges as she has. “I was afflicted by my brilliance. I wanted to be unique. I wished to be in a better mood. I want to live in pleasure for the rest of my life, and I don’t believe that’s too much to expect of myself or anybody else.”

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Are you a dreamer who wants to bring your genius to life? Take the Test

Carolyn poses the following questions:

  1. Are you smart, unconventional, and attractive (even if it’s difficult for you to admit)?
  2. Do you have a thing for magic, theater, tantra, poetry, and ritual?
  3. Are you interested in alchemy, tarot, psychic phenomena, shamanic trips, and the dreamlike side of life in general?
  4. Do you have a lot of deep synchronicity experiences?
  5. Have you ever been told that you’re far too odd, mocked, or dismissed?
  6. Do you think you’re more alert and awake than the people around you?
  7. Do you like to spend your time learning and producing rather than consuming or achieving traditional success?
  8. Are you bored by the overwhelming majority of television and popular entertainment?
  9. Do you struggle to blend in with the rest of society?
  10. Do most normal job descriptions make you think of Dante’s circle of hell?

Commit to Awesoming Your Life to Begin the Journey.

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She provides useful suggestions for getting started on her website, which is aptly named Awesome Your Life:

1. Experiment with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

It was very beneficial to her while she was suffering from a severe depression that refused to go away.

2. Consume a large amount of kale

Kale with black beans in a chili-coconut broth, as well as creamy-garlicky tahini kale with roasted eggplant and purple kale with shitake mushrooms, ginger, and wasabi radishes, are all popular. She’d just recently found kale. If you haven’t tasted it yet, you’re in for a treat.

3. Participate in the gift economy

It’s all about being giving and supportive, and it’s also known as Sacred Economics or the Gift World. Here’s a cool little film about it.

4. Become a part of, establish, and nurture dreamer communities

The Dreamer’s Tantra, an exclusive Awesome Your Life Facebook group, is forming a community of dreamers. It’s completely free, and you’re invited to come along. Every Monday, we welcome new members. Simply click here and then on the next page, click “ask to join.”

The Evolver Network is a place where you may meet incredible dreamers.

5. Learn how to organize in a realistic way

Make things happen. She gives an outline of how that works in this video.

The world as we know it is coming to an end, and a new one is on the way.

“People don’t seem to understand that we aren’t on the Titanic and have to escape the iceberg,” says Rob Watson, CEO and Chief Scientist of The EcoTech International Group, who was named one of the greatest environmental brains in America by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tom Friedman. “We’ve already reached the tip of the iceberg. Down below, the water is pouring in. However, some individuals refuse to leave the dance floor, while others refuse to abandon the buffet. But if we don’t make the difficult decisions, nature will.”

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The old “ship of civilization” is sinking, as most of us creative people are aware. The good news is that a new way of living is on its way to us. In a Huffington Post piece, I outlined the “7 Things We Need to Do to Survive and Thrive.” “Let go of our addiction to Empire and return to our origins in the Earth Community,” was the eighth goal.

My friends, it’s going to be a crazy trip, but it’ll be the greatest ride on the world. Let us band together, shout at the top of our voices, and build a more beautiful existence that represents our brilliance.

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